Celebrating 51 Years Lechon Goodness

We’ve been roasting delicious Lechon since 1965


What started as a small stall beside the Our Lady of Sorrows Church (Baclaran Church), Lydias has now become one of the country’s biggest lechon restaurant with over 30 foodcourts and restaurant outlets in Metro Manila. The company owes its success to its founders, Ms. Lydia and Benigno de Roca whose hard work, dedication and unwavering faith in God created the Lydias lechon we all know and loved.

Lydias Lechon was started by Ms. Lydias de Roca with her husband Benigno de Roca , Mrs. Lydia who was 17 at that time and with only 500 pesos on hand, set up a small stall besides Our Lady of Sorrows Church where the couple would sell slices of Lechon to the church-goers. Overtime a small stall selling slices of lechon soon finds itself selling whole lechon to the same patrons.

In 1986, after selling lechon at the same stall for 21 years, Mr. and Mrs. De Roca finally built their first restaurant along Roxas Boulevard, it was also there that they introduced their well-known boneless lechon with seafood paella.

Soon the place grew, attracting famous personalities and businessmen from all over the country. Among them, two owners of a well known hotel who asked Lydias to supply them with lechon.  Their business then grew as more and more hotels would ask for their lechon. Gaining popularity, the restaurant finds itself serving for the former First Lady, Imelda Marcos, when she asked them to prepare on the spot, several whole lechon as part of a celebration for the laying of the cornerstone of Puerto Azul.

An achievement made through hardwork and by word-of-mouth, Lydias continues to grow and by 1989, they established their very first branch in Quezon City in Timog Avenue. Now after 50 year and 30 outlets, Lydias still continues to serve the Filipinos their special lechon born through years of love and dedication. A recipe which continues unchanged made from the finest ingredients. A symbol of our respect and humility towards the Filipinos and the Philippine’s national dish.

Kung ano ang Lydia’s nung sinimulan ko sa bangketa ng 1965 ay siya pa din Lydia’s na alam ng mga luma at bagong henerasyon.”


To be the country’s preferred lechon house and largest restaurant chain that provides quality Filipino cuisine for great value. To serve our customers in a warm, friendly and efficient manner consistent with Lydia’s Lechon brand legacy. Working hand-in-hand with our business partners in creating an environment that enhances the lives of our employees and the community.


To be the country’s leading envoy of Filipino festive and diverse cuisine adhering solidly to our core values of Integrity, Ethics, Customers First and Excellence. To achieve sustainable and optimal growth aimed towards being the country’s largest food chain and consumer product manufacturing company.


1965 – With only P500, Aling Lydia opened her very first Lydia’s stall

outside of Our Lady of Sorrows Church, F.B. Harrison St. Pasay City

1986 – Lydia’s opened its first restaurant along Roxas Blvd., Baclaran, Parañaque City

1989 – Lydia’s opened its first branch in Quezon City

1990 – Lydia’s opened its first foodcourt in SM Sta. Mesa

2012 – Lydia’s opened their 28th branch

2014 – Lydia’s introduced its own line of condiments

2015 – Lydia’s Celebrates 50 Years of Lechon Goodness

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